Tuesday, 15 January 2013

DOOM it, bitches! BFG style!

Well, here we are. Grand return, woo!

(Remember kids, read my posts with the idea of creative and heavy-ass sarcasm!)

After the biggest 'meh' of a Christmas of my whole life culminating in passing out in a really comfy chair at someones new years house party, I decided to return to my blog brush off the technological dust gathering on it, and because my A-Level exams have reared their ugly heads, and collectively rammed said heads so far up my jacksie, my small intestine has gained a GSCE.

Okay, I orignally was gonna post once a month at the least, so I'll do a recap before we begin:

September '12: Started college, met a girl called Abi (She's important, so pay attention, 007)

October '12: Mother's birthday, (Once again, meh),  the grand event of changing my Facebook relationship status to 'with Abi' on the 30th, then got bladdered at two parties dressed as a scientist for Halloween.

November '12: My brothers birthday (meh, its on bonfire night) went out for bonfire night, 'twas fun.

December '12: Had an 'end of the world' party, Christmas (the final meh of the year), my sisters birthday, and a new years party ending in the aforementioned fashion: Me passing out in a chair at 5 in the morning, new years day in my suave as hell suit. Woo.

January '13: Got exams up my rectum and thought of planning my first ever valentines day with someone. Good start

So, 2012, woo. 2013. Woo 2.0. My indifference could be measured but I'm too lazy to do that and I don't care.

So, thats up to speeeeed. But, I digress

So, yea.... I bought DOOM 3: BFG editon, its pretty kick ass, and its the only game so far thats made me jump (mainly a twich when I realise an Imp has spawned behind me and attempted to put fireballs of death up my rectum) and its pretty damn awesome.

In short, new graphics layer (don't expect too much, it's not Halo: Anniversary style massive), Classic DOOM and DOOM II are included, so its a pretty sweet ass-deal, and I get to have hours of demon-slaying fun, solo and with friends! I haven't tried multiplayer, but its no big deal, DOOM's single player was always the meatiest parts of the game.

All in all: A good deal, sub-par to the Orange Box, almost, considering you get 3 games for about £5 each. 8/10 :3

Anyway, I'm hoping to do more stuff on here now I've started college, if I:

A) Remember to write, or
B) Have enough bloody time.

        In the words of Josh Collins,

                                                 I'm out.


Saturday, 25 August 2012

A Eulogy For A Inspiration

Humanity used to look to the starry skies with wonder, and think of how unreachable they seemed, almost frustratingly close. On May 26th, 1961, one world leader once promised to land a man on our closest neighbour in space before the decade was out. Unfortunately, that world leader did not live to see, but Mankind would start to reach the stars, as his legacy.

One day, one man stepped forward, a reluctant hero, as the world watched in silence, and said but a few words that would echo throughout the world, throughout history, and throughout the stars.

"That's one small step for a man, but one giant leap for mankind"

That immortal man was Neil Armstrong, the first man on Luna, better known as The Moon. He proved to Humanity that we could step foot on other bodies of land than our own, and that hope, and resilience, would help us in our first steps to the stars. 

That man passed away today, and, although reluctant, his legacy has and will always inspire the young and old alike, who look up at the stars and think "I want to go up there" Neil Armstrong was among the first who dared to take that first and dangerous step.

My thoughts are with his family and friends alike. Neil Alden Armstrong, first man on The Moon, Astronaut, Naval Aviator, Test Pilot, Aerospace Engineer, University Professor, and above all, Human Being, 5/8/1930 - 25/8/2012.

A Teary-Eyed Neil Armstrong, as photographed by Buzz Aldrin, shortly after walking on the surface of The Moon

AWOL.... Sorry! D:

Hey Guys.... It's been a while....

 So, I finished my Halothon about a month ago and completely forgot about my blog despite the fact I've put pieces of paper and stuff bloody everywhere to remind me to post on here..... Whoops....

Anyways, I've been busy... To say the least... Completed 3 weeks of a Duke Of Edinburgh-style thing called The Challenge. It's been pretty awesome :D

Met some funny, some loud, some lovely and one downright weird person with a surname 'Djali'... Yes, Djali. With a 'D'... He says that out loud every time someone asks for his full name....

Anyway, moving on... I did one week in Scotland in the Ardroy activity centre, doing teambuilding activites, gorge walking, caving, canoeing (which bloody knackered me) and went up a 1731 foot mountain while on expedition... The view was A-Grade Epic. So epic it needed a capital letter.

Also, a massive kick in the bollocks after i got home was the fact my brother got his passport nicked while him and my mother were on holiday in spain during the first week, so were delayed until i was halfway through the second, so i had to get ready for the second week with no one at home. 

Thankfully, a family friend called Diane (Massive thanks to her, by the way) helped me get my stuff packed and ready for Preston, my next port of call!

The second week was doing community work with Preston Council, helping design road safety stuff for people my age (16 or younger), while we stayed in a swanky halls of residence for the week, and it was great, apart from the fact I had to put up with my own cooking... Could've been worse though, I can trust myself to cook... Not some of the people I was staying with, though...

The third week was setting up for charity work, and- this is what I'm hoping- I'll have details on it later, but this part took place in Wigan, so I could stay at home!

I've decided to start using this blog now that I'm starting college. Hopefully I'll get more usage out of it :)

Oh, and before I forget, I got my GCSE reults back Thursday just gone, got 4 A's, 4 B's, 2 C's and 1 Pass in my ICT, but I don't care about that last part. I hated all the work...

More details on college and stuff soon, right now I have pizza to eat.


Jason :)

Monday, 25 June 2012

Time For A Halothon!

Sorry for not putting a post up today, ran out of time between my Halo: Reach and Halo: Anniversary marathon on Heroic and having a job training appointment between 18:00 and 21:00 hours, which is normally the time i write my posts...

I'll put up a proper post soon, but tomorrow I'm in school for the last full day, ever. Then I'm in for THE last time, completely for my sociology exam. Also, still got to finish Anniversary, Halo 2, Halo 3: ODST and then Halo 3.

So, I'll try to put a few up, no promises though...

Tar muchly,

                  Jason :)

Sunday, 24 June 2012

The DOOM Effect

Hey guys, bit less formal approach on the post today, and in case you don't know where the godly poster at the top is from, read this so you know, cause not knowing is a crime against gaming!

I remember, waaaaay back in the grand old year of 2002, at my aunts. A very vague memory, but one that sticks, nontheless. Not cause I broke anything, or cause of a party or something like that, but because I got introduced to the cornerstone of my beloved first person shooter genre: Id Software's DOOM.

And yes, by that point the game had been out for about 8 years, so it was already a seasoned series, but it stuck in my head for years, somehow I found it appealing, maybe I have a calling for venturing into hell istelf and turning it's demonic residents into gibs on the floor. Turns out I had a knack for it too, hence why I play game series such as Halo and Battlefield, I enjoy it, and somehow am good at it. Some days.

Still, even today, gotta admire the classics.

Infamous: DOOM's first level: E1M1: Hangar
I was reunited with this carnage-filled satanic masterpiece in 2008, when i first got my xbox live membership. Looked on the arcade games marketplace and made my second ever purchase on xbox live when I bought it, at the time, for 800 MSP, and enjoyed hours of nostalgic fun., reducing hell to a mess of gibbed sprites and the death clips of imps and cyberdemons alike

If that wasn't enough, I later found out that it's sequel, DOOM II: Hell On Earth, where the protagonist returns to Earth after slaying demons on Phobos and Diemos, and Hell itself in the first title, on to discover that that the planet too has fallen to a hellish invasion, with the new super shotgun to slay both old and new hellspawn alike.

Also, the music is A-Grade Badass, 'Badass' being SO badass, it needs a capital letter. I'll leave a vid of the first level's soundtrack, enjoy ;)

Anyway, typing this post has dragged a bit, and there isn't much else to talk about apart from me saying this: If you call yourself a gamer, and have never heard of/played DOOM/DOOM II, then I'm sorry to dissapoint you, but you aren't a real gamer. This game series. Is and will always be. Boss.

See you tomorrow! 

                          Jason :)

Video of the soundtrack, check it out :P V

Saturday, 23 June 2012

Battlefield 3: Close Quarters Personal Opinion & Review

First of all, yay! First proper post!

Second of all, I play games quite a lot, so I might as well talk about this, of all things.

Okay, so I play a lot of Battlefield 3, been a fan of the series for a while, so when EA announced they were introducing to Premium stuff*, I jumped right on it, so i got the new-fangled 'Close Quarters' downloadable content about two weeks before the rest of the Xbox 360 community (I'm mainly on that platform, I'm partial to PC gaming, and PS3 never appeals to me, doesn't seem like there is any games on it that interest me that aren't on the Xbox.) So in this post, I'm gonna talk about the stuff the DLC has, and my thoughts on this up-close and personal spin on Battlefield's normally distant combat style.

And I'll start off by talking about the maps in the newest add on, they certainly look impressive, with the 4 new fully-destructive playgrounds getting tore down in every carnage filled game.

(Clockwise) Donya Fortress, Op. 925, Ziba Tower & Scrapmetal

The Mosque-style Donya Fortress having air traffic flying around in the skybox, and plenty of tight areas and chokepoints for ambushes and C4-laden traps ripping apart the walls and wooden furniture in the series' trademark destructive style.

Operation 925 also has similar destructive capabilities; the offices on the ground floor of the map getting ripped to shreds in the opening minutes of the game to allow team members and foes alike to find a new, and often surprising firing point.

Ziba Tower shapes up to be the smallest map in Battlefield 3, taking place in a swanky hotel in Iran, where shotguns and SMG's rule the day, and snipers can take refuge in the bar at the maps not-all-high summit. Also, achivement hunters can pick up an easy 20G for jumping (or falling, depending how much attention you're paying to your actions) off the side of the map to your death in the Iranian streets far below.

Finally, Scrapmetal pits you against the opposing team in two abandoned warehouses, connected by catwalks hanging precariously above a train track. Snipers and riflemen alike can rejoice in the high-hanging rooftops of the warehouses, and machine gunners and shotgunners can get down and dirty in the multiple-layered, tightly spaced corridors and catwalks throughout the map.

There's new weapons, and assignments to unlock them, too! DICE catering to all player's tastes once again by giving out two weapons to each kit, as well and a new SMG and shotgun: the infamous Franchi SPAS-12.

The full weapons list is:
Assault kit: AUG and SCAR-L
Engineer kit: ACW-R and MTAR-21
Support kit: L86A2 and LSAT
Recon kit: M417 and JNG-90
All kits: SPAS-12 and M5K

Each soldier must, however, prove their worth to unlock the weapons, by completing assignments, as in the previous downloadable content adventure Back To Karkand.

Finally, there is the addition of three new game modes, Conquest Domination, a fun and fast paced spin on the usual Team Deathmatch/Territories crossover where flags capture roughly 3 times faster than usual, Team Deathmatch Close Quarters, which is identical to the vanilla game's TDM but with smaller teams to suit the closer-range firefights, and finally, Gun Master, where you are given a weapon, you must get two kills with said weapon, and get given another weapon. Sound familiar?**

This is a new spin from the usual objective-based gamemodes, but becomes insanely hard once you get to the last two stages, where it switches to a one kill-before-advancing ordeal with a time-delayed grenade launcher, and the grand finale with having to get a kill with a knife.

So, a verdict, then. Personally, I think this is a fine addition to the game, with the close range engagements being a good change of pace from the wide open spaces of maps like Operation Firestorm and Kharg Island, and each map looking finely crafted by the multiplayer masters at DICE, each fine-tuned and ripe for destruction. There is some irritation, however, in that tactics normally associated with Battlefield can be eliminated, with all-out spraying and praying becoming the order of the day at some point. 

Overall, a good and solid addition to the game's mutliplayer carnage, 8.5 out of 10!

Would I recommend this DLC? Hell, yes! Appealing, visually and during gameplay, this close-range encounter shouldn't have distance kept from it!

The CQ DLC releases on Xbox Live this Tuesday, if you pick it up, I'll see you online! ;)

Much love, 

                Jason :)

*Making a post 'bout wether the Premium is worth it at some point in the next week, I hope...

**To those who only played CoD: Black Ops, this ISN'T a knock off of their 'Gun Game', as no doubt most of thier fanboys will say. It is a copy of a game mode from Counter-Strike, also called 'Gun Game'. So there.


Right, stuff's sorted and set up now, so bed.

Tomorrow I've got some stuff planned, nothing major, but I've got ideas

Right, think I should sleep, it's getting late.


Friday, 22 June 2012

Welcome to the house of fun...

The 'House of fun' being my every day life. And me. Definitely me.

So, what to talk about.... 

I'm 16, just about to leave school (Got sociology exam this Wednesday)
I live in Ashton-In-Makerfield (romantically called 'Ash Vegas' by it's occupants) With the lovely Mother Irving and my Brother
I've lived here for 9 years this summer, I was born in Carlisle, Cumbria (THATS NOT IN SCOTLAND). 

My main interests include gaming (Grew up with Lara Croft on the PlayStation)
Watching GOOD TV/Films (Reserovoir Dogs, The Avengers, Doctor Who and Life On Mars/Ashes To Ashes, not that Twilight Saga or TOWIE crap)
Oh, and arguing with my friends. We're guys, we can insult each other and not be permanently hating each other... i think...

My known aliases are Jay, Jase, Jay-Jay (Wat?) and mainly Moon-head, Moony, or Moon due to my exceptionally-sized cranium... What a normal life i lead...

I wrote this while enjoying a nice fish finger sandwich.... Slightly nostalgic, considering i haven't had one in about 6 years...

I'll do more stuff soon, getting to grips with the layout and stuff....


Uh oh.... Here I am...

So... yea.... decided to start a blog....

Got no clue what I'm gonna put on here over the next few days/months/years, but I'll think of something, I'm sure.

So.... Yea. Hello, world! :)